Want to fly to Australia for Christmas 2010? Here’s some options…

Image of christmas tree on 4-mile beach, Port Douglas, Tropical Northern Queensland, Australia
Fancy Christmas on 4-mile beach, Port Douglas? (festive tree for illustration purposes only!)

As ever you all seem totally obsessed with flying to Australia for Christmas. I could write about this every week I am sure and you won’t tire of it 🙂 (don’t worry – I would tire of it!)

BUT as I know I am going to get asked again and again, I’ve done some research (OK, hands up – I cheated and got the lovely people at Freedom Australia to do all the research!) and I’ve found you some options for flying to Australia for Christmas. AND (be impressed!) some of the flights are less than £1k.

Now I don’t have the prices and availability for flights every day in December 2010, or for every destination in Australia, but here’s a few options to give you an idea of what is (and isn’t!) available if you’re looking to fly to Australia for Christmas 2010:

Option 1: Your ‘typical Christmas in Australia flight’

I picked out the dates 20th December departing from London and returning on 7th January for both Sydney and Brisbane. Now make sure you’re sitting down as these flights come in at… wait for it… £1610 (including taxes) flying with Qantas in ECONOMY. Yes, that’s right, double what you’d pay most of the rest of the year and almost 3 times what you’d pay for a super sale price. So yes it is entirely possible to book some peak dates for flying to Australia at Christmas still, but phew, you pay through the nose for the privilege!

As the clever chaps at Freedom Australia pointed out, it’s worth noting that with The Ashes being held in Sydney over New Year and finishing on the 7th January 2011 availability is looking extremely tight for the dates on or just after that returning to the UK, so a better fare is much more likely if you can head back to the UK in the second or third week of January 2011

Option 2: the ‘early bird Christmas flight’ (leaving in the beginning of December 2010)

This was always my cunning plan for spending Christmas in Australia without paying double (or more) for our flights. Most airlines are still offering ‘off peak’ fares until a cut-off date in early December – usually somewhere between 5th—10th December.

So here’s a couple of ‘early December‘ options for you:

Leaving on the 5th December 2010 and returning on the 27th December you can fly to Australia for Christmas for

  • £919 (including tax) with Royal Brunei return to Brisbane
  • £945 (including tax) return to Perth with Malaysian Airlines

Worth noting that being able to travel earlier in December you can save nearly £700 when compared with a late December departure. £700 saved and you can buy yourself a pretty decent Christmas present I reckon 🙂

Option 3: a ‘festive but forget New Year’ flight (Christmas but not New Year in Australia)

For this option I looked at flights departing 17th December and returning 27th December, but because of the peak time departure date you are still looking to part with a fair amount of cash (although less than if you stay for New Year too):

  • £1399 (including tax) with Etihad return economy to Sydney
  • £1449 (including tax) with Thai Airways economy return to Melbourne

Option 4: The ‘I can’t believe it’s this cheap’ Christmas flight

Yes – I did some digging, and China Eastern has come up trumps with a sub-£900 cheap flight to Australia for Christmas 2010. You do have to stay for a while though (not a hardship if you ask me, but that’s the catch).
Departing the UK on 7th Dec 2010 and returning 15th January 2011 into and out of Sydney, Australia for Christmas AND New Year, for only £899. Bargain-a-rama!

I’d book that flight pretty quickly if I were you, I can’t see it hanging around for long.

So… as ever the moral of the ‘cheap flights to Australia for Christmas’ story is — fly early in December and pay less than £1k, fly later… better have deep pockets!

My thanks again for the research to Freedom Australia – do give them a call if you’re looking for a Christmas flight or holiday to Australia as they’ll be able to find you the best fare: 0844 567 8050 (tell them I sent you!)

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  1. Debbie says:

    This information helped us with our itinerary and we saved over £1.5k by going on the 13th of December instead of a few days before christmas day. Thanks Lucy!

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