THIS is why I LOVE Australia

Image of Lucy aboard Sailaway trip to Low Inslands Great Barrier Reef out of Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
On the lookout for land at the front of Sailaway heading for the Low Isles from Port Douglas

I got asked a question this week (thanks Frank!) that I actually get asked all the time… why am I not living in Australia? (given that I am clearly quite taken with the place!). Well the answer is…

… actually there are a few parts to this answer, and in explaining it I’ll showcase exactly why I love Australia.

Here’s an example of why I love Australia. Take my last 2 days here in Port Douglas

Image of Lucy driving the boat aboard Sailaway trip to Low Inslands Great Barrier Reef out of Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
Here’s me steering Sailaway back into Port.

Yesterday was a near perfect day in Australia for me (a perfect one would have involved breakfast at a cafe by the beach, and a barbie when we got home cooked for us by a top chef with a bottle of something chilled from Margaret River!).

We spent the day sailing to a Robinson Crusoe-style island on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling over beautiful coral, exploring, relaxing, eating tons of prawns for lunch (yum!), chilling on the deck cruising home, and just admiring the view of the rainforest covered hills in the distance. (Thanks to Sailaway for providing this fabulous day out). Today involved a walk (under 1 minute) to an absolutely stunning beach (‘4-mile beach’) a stroll around town, a play on the swings by the sea (not for me, that one!) and sunset drinks and dinner on the water being entertained by nature (AKA a giant Grouper fish named George!). Add to this mix beautiful sunshine, friendly faces, and a ‘no worries’ approach to life, really its doesn’t get much better than this (for me anyway).

Image of Lucy on the 4-mile beach at Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
On four mile beach, Port Douglas, Queensland. Plenty of room as you can see!

So again, why don’t I live here??!!!

Here’s my reasons:

1. They won’t have me! (seriously – I looked into it before and my 2 degrees, experience and business know-how weren’t on the ‘wanted’ list!)

2. That said, actually when I sat down and thought about it, I wouldn’t want to move to Australia to go to work every day so until that is not an option I’m not keen. I would actually find it more annoying to know my absolute favourite place was there waiting for me just outside the door if only I wasn’t busy 🙂

3. I actually don’t think I could choose just one place in Australia to live. I love so many different places for different reasons I honestly think I could only get the short list down to 10 (possibly 5!) so until I can afford a house in each Aussie location I won’t bother!

4. I want to really enjoy everything that Australia has to offer and for me that means free time and holidays here. Don’t get me wrong I’d like more than 3 weeks a year (3 months be nice) but what I want to be able to do is explore every day.  (see point 2!)

So this is why I keep coming back! Because I love Australia (and I can’t choose my favourite place!).

3 Responses to “THIS is why I LOVE Australia”

  1. nicola gallagher says:

    i just had to take a look,i just found your card on reception like you do!
    I certainly feel inspired…….

  2. Lucy says:

    I am a little bit obsessed I know, but really its an amazing amazing place. Glad it inspired you 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Your blog certainly inspired me Lucy – we are off for our 3 week trip commencing 13th Dec 11. 5 days in Sydney, 9 days in Gold Coast and 7 days at the Sea Temple in Palm Cove! Whilst we are there hubby and I are also renewing our wedding vows with our 3 beautiful children as guests of honour. I can’t wait to go to Australia!!

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