So you love snow? Where to find the white stuff in Australia

Image of skier jumping off a snowy edge
The Snowy Mountains in New South Wales – [image from]

Now I realise that the first image you’re likely to conjure up of Australia does not include snowy peaked mountains, and at this time of year it will be very unlikely you’ll find any snow at all in Australia, it’s true. That said, it is possible to build a snowman in Australia…

I can personally vouch for the fact that in Tasmania it snows (and can get pretty chilly!). Mount Wellington (above Hobart) will be snow-capped in the Winter (our summer), and the beautiful Cradle Mountain will also get its fair share of the white stuff. Tassie is often overlooked on an Aussie holiday itinerary, but it’s a lovely place. You can easily add on a few days with low-cost internal flights from most major cities in Australia, or jump on the ferry from Melbourne.

If you like your powder then consider holidaying in Australia in July/August when you can take in a few days skiing or snowboarding. The ‘give-the-game-away-named’ Snowy Mountains in New South Wales are one place you can find snow in Australia, and this region is where you an enjoy some great slopes. More info on the Snowy Mountains here…

The best part is — you can head off to the tropics straight after! July and August is a great time to visit Far North Queensland (for the rain forest and Great Barrier Reef). It’s also a fantastic time to explore the ‘Top End’ (Darwin and the Northern Territory) and also the Red Centre (Uluru, etc).

Imagine: a 2-week holiday where one week is skiing in perfect powder, and the 2nd is the powder sand of a tropical beach. Or one week is snowboarding, the next week is surfing – all in the same country.

And you wonder why I love Australia 🙂

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