Planning your Australia Holiday – from the beginning: When to go

Image of Cathay Pacific plane flying us to Australia
Only one month to go… Cathay Pacific have the pleasure of our company

So we’re booked! One month today we’ll be winging our way to the lovely land of Down Under for our next ‘research trip’.

Now for an old hand like me, planning a holiday to Australia is not all that daunting — BUT do not think that means it’s any less complicated 🙂

Realising how many things there are to think about when planning a holiday to Australia (especially for the first time, even more especially if you have babies or children in tow) I’m going to help. I’ll be walking you through every step. From the start.

So first things first – when is the best time to go on holiday to Australia?

Now I have said this before, but there is no ‘wrong’ time to go to Australia – just the wrong parts of Australia to visit in the ‘wrong’ weather (‘right’ for me would be warm but not too hot, and not too wet! but if you’re happy with a bit of rain, sweltering, or wearing a coat there’s no wrong time!).

If you haven’t already downloaded my free travel planning guide (see the form on the right of this page) do that now. Has more info about when, where, how and what to think about.

Now back to the weather…

Quick overview:

If you draw a horizontal line across Australia (from just above Perth to just under Brisbane) then below this line you’ll broadly speaking get the  reverse of European seasons at most times of the year – so Spring here is Autumn in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney, Summer is Winter, you get the idea!

In the ‘top half’ of Australia things are a little different as its ‘tropical’ so you really only get 2 seasons – ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. Wet is our (European) winter and ‘dry’ is our summer. So if you’re looking to travel to Australia in the UK summer holidays (July-August) you are best off heading for the north: Queensland, Cairns, the Whitsundays, the Barrier Reef, Darwin, the Outback, Broome and the top of Western Australia. If you’re looking for some winter sun (from the UK) head along the south coast: Great Ocean Road, around Perth, Melbourne to Sydney and up the New South Wales coast.

You also need to think about the school holidays and when the Australians will be on hols too, as it can very busy and very expensive if you pick the wrong time to visit (January in Australia is like August in the Med).

So where are we going for our Australia holiday?

Well we’re travelling in May and June and I do like a bit of sun 🙂 so it’s Tropical North Queensland for us as it’s the beginning of the ‘dry’ season (and it’s also a great time for the top half of Western Australia, outback and ‘Top End’).

We’re flying in and out of Cairns (thank you Cathay Pacific!) to minimise internal flights and travelling time (small people considerations) but if I’d not had to worry about them… a nice 10-day drive along the Gibb River Road, a few days in Broome and a bit of Top End posh camping would have been included! Take a look at this itinerary from Bridge & Wickers for inspiration.

So now you’ve worked out when you’re travelling, next action is: how to get there — Booking your Flights.

Tell you all about that next time!

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