Planning a trip to Australia (and some more flight offers – Easter and Christmas 2010)

As I’ve been spending some time recently doing this myself, I’ve updated the ‘Planning Your Trip‘ part of the site. I had to find a replacement for the excellent Travelmood tables of airfares I used to refer to all the time (they were just so helpful!) but luckily TravelBag have picked up the gauntlet and are listing out by Australian city all the latest flight offers and when they are on. Phew! (you can see that list here).

Have a look at the Planning page on here if you want my links for flights, round the world stops, holiday ideas, internal flight info and accommodation suggestions.

Of course there is a lot more to taking a trip to Australia than just booking the essentials so do ask me a question if you need to.

So what about the latest cheap flights to Australia? Well, you’re in luck – here’s what I’ve stumbled across in my recent research:

– RETURN FLIGHTS TO PERTH IN APRIL 2010 – £469 (Royal Brunei) – starts in the Easter holidays (from 11th April 2010).

– RETURN FLIGHTS TO SYDNEY IN DECEMBER 2010 – £609 (departures up to 11th December 2010 on China Airlines)

Happy Planning!

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