My near perfect plan for eliminating jet lag to Australia

Image of Lucy and small people on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong
Breaking the trip in two made it so much easier to manage the small people

The answer to jet lag is all about the timing and the absolute merits of a ‘sleepover‘.

So regarding the timing – think in terms of your ‘home’ time and make the change to ‘Australian’ time in stages.

Then, factor in a ‘sleepover’ (a short stopover that gives you enough time for a sleep in a bed).

So here’s what we did:

Left London on the 1820 Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong… which meant ‘bed time’ was near to usual UK time (bed time here being post dinner ‘lights out’ on the plane). Recommended for small people is changing into PJs to signal bedtime too (for grown-ups an eye-mask and a jumper recommended!).

Lots of the airlines that fly to Australia have evening flights (e.g. Emirates, Singapore), so it’s not just Cathay.

Then when you arrive at your ‘sleepover’ destination (recommend this is in Asia for the ‘big flight’ first) book into an airport hotel connected to the Terminal (no travelling hassles).

I was extremely impressed with the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong and forced to re-think my opinion that big hotels can’t have personality. Hands up I was wrong. This hotel has personality in spades (although admittedly not from the outside!).

With lots of different rooms available – from simple doubles, to great family ‘apartment suites’ (which we had), to amazing loft-style ‘duplexes’ and the Presidential Suite (one for party animal plane-spotters!) – I was quickly won over on this being the perfect location for a sleepover.

Image of Lucy and small people on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong
An invigorating swim in the pool during our stopover in the Regal Hotel, Hong Kong Airport

Mind you… I didn’t actually have a sleep more an ‘Om‘ as I spent 2 hours in the spa while the small people and Daddy had a nap (good planning eh?). And I have to add this might also aid in beating jet lag. An invigorating swim in the pool, followed by a scrub and a pummel from the amazing Thai ladies in the spa – am sure did my jet lag no end of good.

We arrived in Hong Kong just after lunchtime (HK time) and our next flight left at 2340 so we had time to ‘shift’ nearer to Australian time as the next flight was another ‘lights out’ night flight. By the time we transited in Brisbane and arrived in Cairns it was the afternoon and we only had to stay awake for a few hours ’til bedtime. Et voila – we were on Aussie time.


(we have had a couple of nights of ‘midnight waking’ for an hour or so, but after getting back to sleep we’ve been up and awake on Aussie time since day 1).

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