Location Location Location – the best places in Australia?

Image of Albert Park across to downtown Melbourne, Victoria
Albert Park lake view across to downtown Melbourne, Victoria

I am a huge fan of Kirstie and Phil and their location/relocation on-screen shenanigans, so am doubly excited that this week sees the lovely Phil hot footing around Australia helping people to buy a house Down Under. Phil Spencer Down Under is on this Friday (22nd January) Channel 4 at 8pm.

There was an article in the Sunday Times at the weekend written by Phil where he listed some his ‘ideal’ places to live in Australia.

So where does Phil like (and do I agree?):

And don’t at this point do what I did and think “yeah right, that’s his researchers/PR firm writing that”, as it turns out Phil is quite the Aussie expert. Not only is Phil married to an Australian but he’s lived and holidayed there a LOT. More than me even 🙂

Melbourne is his favourite city. Not a bad choice, Phil – I lived there too and agree it’s a fantastic place for eating, drinking, shopping, and culture. Beaches aren’t up to much though, it has to be said (but then the Great Ocean Road and Mornington Penisula are only a drive away). One other thing to mention is the weather – don’t expect daily sunshine and shorts-wearing. Yes, it does get hot and sunny in Melbourne (sometimes way too hot – like now). But then give it a day or so and it will be cooler, and the winter can be down right chilly. If you like your seasons then Melbourne is fab, but if you’re after shorts, sunnies and thong-wearing every day (‘thongs’ being flip-flops!) then it’s not the place for you (that would be Brisbane or Queensland in general). I do love Melbourne, but then I’m also quite a big fan of Sydney and Perth. Tough call that one.

Image of Lucy surfing on Tallows Beach, Byron Bay NSW
Point Break (not!) me ‘surfing’ at Tallows Beach, Byron Bay. My 1st lesson.

Phil gets it right with his ‘best for surf dudes‘ option though – one of my all-out favourite places in Australia: Byron Bay. And it’s also where I learnt to surf (and I say ‘surf’ in its very loosest description – I will not be tackling any half pipes, I can only just about stand up!). Yes, Byron’s got its rough-around-the-edges side of things, but it’s also got some incredible beaches. It’s easy to ignore scruffier parts of town when you can sit on Belongil Beach and watch the dolphins ‘surfing’ in the waves. And plenty of millionaires agree with me I might add. To save some £££ as Phil points out you can buy in Bangalow just inland. Something I wish I’d had the foresight to do a few years ago when they were selling off plots in this then very sleepy little town…

For his nature and outdoor lifestyle Phil picks Margaret River in Western Australia. This is a town and a region around 3 hours drive south of Perth that is famous for its wineries and great surf beaches. We stayed in Bunker Bay just outside of Dunsborough when we holidayed here and loved the area. The Quay West resort had just opened and is in a great beach front location just outside of town. Again they were selling plots of land next door a few years ago… ah the benefit of hindsight!

Image of Quay West at Bunker Bay, Western Australia
Quay West Resort at Bunker Bay (near Margaret River), WA – great beach front location

So overall I do have to agree that Phil has made some great location choices in his ideal places to live in Australia list. He tops it all off with Palm Beach (25 miles north of Sydney and ‘famous’ for Home & Away) which is where he’d settle if he won the lottery. Me? Beachfront Byron would be where I’d spend some of my winnings 🙂

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