It’s not too late for an Australian Christmas!!! BOOK NOW! £675 flights!!!

Image of Perth Western Australia tram in festive regalia

Perth tram in festive regalia (and 35 degree sunshine!)

Super speedy post to let you know that if you’re quick you can book a Christmas flight to Australia for UNDER £700. Depending where you book it’s going to cost you £675 (Flight Centre) or £679 (Austravel) – call them on 0800 988 4836 or direct with Emirates here for £676.

The flights are with Emirates who are one of my faves, and the flights are well connected with a few hours in Dubai on your way there and back (and you can do a proper stopover if you want to). It’s around 7 hours to Dubai and then about 10 1/2 hours onto Perth. You can fly from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow to Australia on this Christmas special offer!

Now, little bit of licence on the title, as the flights actually leave ON Christmas day and Boxing day so you won’t be in Australia for Christmas, but you will be there in plenty of time for New Year and think, the money you spend on the flight you save by not shopping in the Christmas Sales 🙂

HURRY though as you have to book by the end of THURSDAY 9th December. Like NOW!!

Also the flights are not to everywhere in Australia, only Perth, but that’s not a hardship if you ask me, as I love Western Australia. Availability coming back is tight up to around the 10th or 11th of January 2011 but that makes for a very nice 2-3 week stay Christmas and New Year 2010 into 2011 in Australia if you can do it. Yes it’s peak season for Australian Summer Holidays but you’ll find somewhere to stay, it’s not THAT crazy!

And don’t panic that you won’t have any where to stay either as I looked up on and there are LOADS of places to stay in Perth, Margaret River and around so you won’t need to sleep on the beach.

The weather in Perth will be amazing at Christmas and New Year (super sunny and hot) and I love Western Australia.

You don’t have to stay in Perth as with the great network of national flights from Virgin Blue and other carriers you can travel where you want to in Oz, but the fares are low to Perth as it’s not got the whole ‘cricket’ thing going on like the East Coast has. You’ve heard the Ashes are on, right? 🙂

So there you go. Jump on it quickly and you can be off to Australia on Christmas Day and enjoying a turkey sandwich on the beach less than 24 hours later. I am VERY tempted to dash off a fast request to Father Christmas and tell him to put that ticket in my stocking now!!

WOW. This is a super amazing price on a great airline – these are the sort of prices you pay in LOW SEASON. If you thought you’d missed out on Christmas or New Year in Australia, just go for it now!!!! But please don’t tell me about it when I am stuck here with a snow white Christmas and not a glistening white sand of Rottnest Island Christmas instead!

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