Planning your Australia holiday: How to find a cheap flight to Australia

It’s easy to get tempted by the ‘cheap’ airfares you see advertised to Australia, but remember there is sometimes a catch…

And it’s also definitely worth remembering that the cheapest flight to Australia may well not be the most sensible option if you value your sleep, your comfort, and your sanity 🙂

The best way to plan you trip to Australia is work out where you want to go first, then find the best flight deals that match with this. Obviously, depending on your destination, the more/less options you might have

THEN when you know where you want to fly to/from (and if you plan to tour around) do check going in via one airport and out a different one and compare — for example, flying into Brisbane and out of Sydney might be cheaper than vice versa – you just never know!

Step 1: check the airline’s own website (see the list here)

Step 2: use a flight comparison website – I like Travelsupermarket and Kayak

Step 3: call a good travel agent for flight prices (there’s a good guide to Australia flight offers from Travelbag here, and if you want to call TravelBag use this number as it’s straight through to Aussie experts -> 0844 846 7982)

Now work out the details, test out a few variations (a few look-ups online will give you a good idea) then it’s time to book!

Don’t forget to factor a few things in like:

  • Credit card charges (some travel agencies & online sites charge a couple of % and some don’t…)
  • Freebies (visa arrangement for example is often available with a travel agent)
  • The protection of a package (if you book your flights as part of a ‘holiday’ with a travel company then you’re covered for delays, and problems as they have to re-arrange your flights and provide accommodation for you whereas if you book your flights, hotels etc separate you’re on your own if anything happens).
  • The quality of the airline you are flying. £20, £50, £100 or more saving might seem worth it in the comfort of your pre-booking state, but when you’re 5 hours into a 30 hour + journey and you’ve nothing nice to eat, there’s poor in flight entertainment, uncomfortable seats and a long stop en route in an airport with few facilities then you’ll be kicking yourself. Think about it. Sometimes its worth paying the extra!
  • Changing fees: You might want to stay longer, change your route or make another alteration to your ticket. Have a look at the amend and cancellation fees before you book. If you think you’ll be changing your mind about something make sure you can do that cheaply.

So now you know how to book your flight! But if you’re looking for a stopover, or want to do something a little bit more complicated… you’d better read the NEXT post!!

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