Image of Lucy enjoying a beer by the beach in Palm Cove, Queensland Australia
Ahhh… my first beer on Aussie soil here in Palm Cove just north of Cairns, Queensland

Just a quick “G’day” from Down Under! Yes I am in Australia. I am ‘loving it’.

Have heaps to tell you soon, but first I need a little bit more sleep (oh, and a cold beer!)…

Quick summary of what’s to come:

  • Why travelling with 2 small people is more than twice the fun (what I mean here is you don’t just need to double your planning, packing and airport time, but at least triple it!)
  • How I think I’ve worked out a near perfect plan for eliminating jet lag to Australia
  • Probably THE best stopover for babies and children when flying to Australia
  • My new favourite airline to Australia (OK it’s joint first place with Singapore Airlines, but I couldn’t call it!)

Stay tuned in for all the details (sign up for updates if you haven’t already, the form is just to the right ->)

One Response to “G’day!”

  1. Hillery Cope says:

    Looking forward to hearing about eliminating jet lag… hope it doesn’t have anything to do with staying awake with two mini adults?!

    Have a great time

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