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Children and Babies on board Cathay Pacific to Australia – more about Car Seats & Bassinets

When you book an infant ticket to fly to Australia on Cathay Pacific you can request a bassinet for your little one. If you’ve not seen one before a bassinet is a cot that is placed on a fold down ‘table’ in front of you that the cot is then securely attached to, and you can place your baby in it to sleep. You need to be sat in a bulkhead seat to have a bassinet (bulkheads are the seats with a ‘wall’ in front of them not other seats – the first row eg. behind the galley or toilets). Bassinets on board Cathay Pacific airplanes measure 76.20cm (30”) x38.10cm (15”) x 20.32cm (8”).

Note from Lucy: Of course your baby can be a little longer than a bassinet if they are happy to sleep in a foetal/slightly curled position, but ideally if your baby is much bigger than the bassinet dimensions they are not going to be comfortable. That said, even if your bub is too long to sleep in a bassinet I would still request one as they are great for infants to sit in and play with their toys and get them off your lap! You are going to want to eat, or get up to move around so having a bassinet to ‘sit’ your bub in even if just for a few minutes is VERY handy!

An alternative to putting your baby or toddler in a bassinet for the flight to Australia with Cathay Pacific is to take a car seat for them that can be placed in a seat. Of course this will mean you need to buy a seat ticket (a child ticket) for your infant if they are not going to be on your lap for the journey but in a car seat.

Here’s the requirements from Cathay Pacific for taking child/infant car safety seats on board their aircraft:

  1. They are forward facing
  2. Designed to carry an infant/ child between the age of 6 months and 3 years inclusively who weigh 18kgs or less
  3. They are in full working condition and can be secured correctly
  4. The width of the car seat must not exceed the width of the passenger seat

Also note that there are restrictions on the types of aircraft Cathay Pacific operate that can accommodate car seats. Please check with the local reservations centre or on the ‘Manage Booking’ section what aircraft you will be travelling on. You can then refer to the grid below to see if the car seat can be used on board.

AircraftFirst ClassBusiness ClassEconomy Class
Boeing 773N/AYESYES
Boeing 777N/AYESYES
Airbus 330N/AYESYES
Airbus 33BN/ANONO
Airbus 34BN/ANONO

For information on using CARES harnesses on board, please click here…

Note from Lucy: If you are planning on taking your car seat on board the aircraft for your baby or toddler to then use in your hire car in Australia you need to check that it complies with the Australian regulations for car seats. These regulations are VERY strict and most car seats that have even EU standards and are approved don’t pass! The car seat MUST display an Australian approved stamp otherwise it will invalidate your insurance… so bear that in mind as you may only be able to use your car seat on the flight and not in a car when you arrive!