Checking the weather in Australia

Image of the weather forecast in Adelaide, SA, Australia
The BBC says that Adelaide will be “scorchio”!

So, I’m doing the most clichéd thing ever this evening — checking the weather before we head off to Australia tomorrow, to see whether it’s going to be sunny or not.

Wow — sunny is not the word!

According to the web sites I’ve just been looking at, it’s sunny in Adelaide alright — pushing 40 degrees… AKA “scorchio” (for anyone who remembers the Fast Show!).

Here’s where I am looking up my weather forecasts:

The web sites are all saying it’s going to be sunny where we are headed. It even looks sunny in Melbourne (although is a good week and a half before we get there, so anything could happen in that time frame!).

I actually knew before looking that everywhere would be sunny as we bought posh rain jackets today, just in case… pretty much guarantees shorts weather for a fortnight, that does 😉

Maybe if I pack an umbrella too then it will be blue skies every day… I’ll let you know!

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