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Checking-in for a Cathay Pacific flight to Australia with buggies and strollers

Families who are checking-in with buggies and strollers on Cathay Pacific flights to Australia are able to take these with them through security to have in the airport while waiting to board their flight. The buggies and strollers will be labeled and then put safely on board the aircraft separately at the last minute before getting on the flight at the departure gate.

Then if you’d like to have your baby buggy or stroller back while you are in transit at Hong Kong airport, you can request that the buggy be delivered back to you when you disembark the aircraft. It is important that you make sure a member of Cathay Pacific staff know you’d like your buggy or stroller back for transit so they can it accordingly otherwise it will offloaded with the normal hold luggage (when it gets to Australia!).

Note from Lucy: It’s brilliant to have your buggy with you in the airport right to the departure gate as it means you have hands free and also your little one can have a nap. You will have to collapse the buggy to put it through the security scanners (or wheel it through the security ‘doorway’ minus small person) but still worth it! Another tip is to buy a ‘buggy bag’ and have this labeled for the hold (not the buggy itself) so when the buggy is put into the hold its well protected and you can leave things like sunshades, bags and toys still attached to it without worry).