So you love snow? Where to find the white stuff in Australia

Image of skier jumping off a snowy edge
Skiing the Snowy Mountains [image from]

Now I realise that the first image you’re likely to conjure up of Australia does not include snowy peaked mountains, and at this time of year it will be very unlikely you’ll find any snow at all in Australia, it’s true. That said, it is possible to build a snowman in Australia…

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Cheapest flights to Australia EVER and they leave NOW! Book your summer holiday Down Under.

Just a quick note to let you know: if you’re thinking of heading to Australia this summer, you can for only £469 return!

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Red Cross Bush Fires Appeal

Image of the logo of the British Red Cross
The British Red Cross have set up an appeal for the devastating bush fires in Victoria, Australia

It has been distressing to see all the devastation caused and lives lost in the bush fires, which took hold in the rural areas of Victoria, Australia, in the past week.

The British Red Cross have set up an appeal, so you can donate money that will be used to care for the thousands of people who have been made homeless as a result of the bush fires.

There is more information about the appeal here, and you can donate online, or by phone 0845 054 7201

When I warned of the high temperatures in Victoria and South Australia a couple of weeks ago, never did I imagine the worst bush fires on record in Australia were about to come.

Serious Warning — Heatwaves in Victoria and South Australia

The latest news story on BBC tells about the extreme heatwave in Victoria (Melbourne) and South Australia (Adelaide).

Already there have been deaths relating to the heatwave, and there has been disruption to transport services with train lines buckling and traffic lights not working. There are also some bush fires in rural areas.

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Checking the weather in Australia

Image of the weather forecast in Adelaide, SA, Australia
The BBC says that Adelaide will be “scorchio”!

So, I’m doing the most clichéd thing ever this evening — checking the weather before we head off to Australia tomorrow, to see whether it’s going to be sunny or not.

Wow — sunny is not the word!

According to the web sites I’ve just been looking at, it’s sunny in Adelaide alright — pushing 40 degrees… AKA “scorchio” (for anyone who remembers the Fast Show!).

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Help with planning your holiday to Australia

Feeling confused?
Don’t know where to start with your itinerary?
What about flights — which airline to fly with? To where? and when?!
Help is at hand!

OK, so the eagle-eyed of you may have already spotted that I am now a published author (admittedly it’s only a PDF!), and have written an Australian Holiday Companion. It’s yours FREE to download and keep — just submit your name and email on the right.

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Planning your 2008 Australian Holiday (and avoiding the school holidays Down Under!)

Happy New Year! And to be nothing if not predictable, my thoughts (like most people’s) turn to planning this year’s holidays…

Image of children's playground on beach at Palm Cove, Queensland
As you can see, it wasn’t the school holidays when we were visiting Palm Cove, Queensland!

So I thought it would be useful to look up when the main Australian school holidays are, as these can have a big impact on booking a trip (usually in terms of accommodation being booked up, and resorts and roads being more busy).

Right now in January is the biggest and busiest holiday time in Australia, as this is the long ‘summer holiday’ after Christmas, and all the southern states are in the middle of their hottest time of year. Lots of Australians will be on holiday for some or all of the month.

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Taxi! The low-down on Australian cabs

I was answering a question today about Taxi fares on a Forum, and thought would just share a little bit of info today about Australian cabs.

We have got into the habit of always catching a taxi from the airport where ever we land now in an Australia city (unless we have a hire car), as is always the easiest option, I think, that will take you (and not all the other people on the transfer bus first!) direct to your accommodation — which after a long, long flight is really all you can think about.

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Where to start? (with planning your Australian holiday)

I have actually had a bit of a block the past few days on what to write next about going on holiday to Australia. The reason isn’t a lack of things to write about though — in fact the complete opposite — there are too many things to write about! I haven’t known where to start…

And I know this is how it can feel when you first decide you want to go to Australia on holiday…

You think — I’ll just book the flights to Sydney and then we’re off… but then you realise the Reef is quite far away from Sydney, and you quite fancy seeing that too, and then there’s the Rock (Uluru) to consider too… and everywhere else besides.

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A lovely sunny day…

Today is a lovely sunny day here on the South Coast where I live, and even though I need a jumper on when I step outside, I can almost believe it’s summer!

I am definitely a bit of a sun worshipper, but I am also a very sensible sun worshipper these days, and you should be too if you are planning a trip Down Under.

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