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Checking-in for a Cathay Pacific flight to Australia with buggies and strollers

Having your baby buggy with you through the airport terminal (and again during your transit stop in Hong Kong) makes all the difference to your travelling experience

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Children and Babies on board Cathay Pacific to Australia – more about Car Seats & Bassinets

When you book an infant ticket to fly to Australia on Cathay Pacific you can request a bassinet for your little one. If you’ve not seen one before a bassinet is a cot that is placed on a fold down ‘table’ in front of you that the cot is then securely attached to, and you can place your baby in it to sleep.
An alternative to putting your baby or toddler in a bassinet for the flight to Australia with Cathay Pacific is to take a car seat for them that can be placed in a seat.

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Baby and Child Meals on board Cathay Pacific flights to Australia

Image of inflight meal on Cathay Pacific

Little people can have special meals which are available for either children or infants on board flights to Australia with Cathay Pacific. If you’d like child or infant meals this must be requested at the time of booking and this is easily done on the booking form on the Cathay Pacific website.

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Booking your family flights to Australia with Cathay Pacific

If you are travelling with a baby you do need to make sure you or your travel agent booking your Cathay Pacific flights requests you a Bassinet seat – these are not automatically allocated, and will be given on a first come (requested) first served (allocated) basis. Don’t forget to call!

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Children and infants flying with Cathay Pacific – ages and tickets – how it works

Image of child and mother with Cathay Pacific flight attendant

Children and infants qualify for substantial discounts on the normal adult fares when travelling with Cathay Pacific. To be eligible for an infant fare, your baby must be under 24 months of age for the entire duration of the journey. So if your little one turns 2 years old prior to the return trip, you have to pay a child price ticket for the whole itinerary. So worth thinking about if your baby is coming up to their 2nd birthday as there is a big difference between the cost of an infant fare and a child ticket.

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