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So it’s not JUST me who loves Australia. Oprah does too.

Image of Oprah Winfrey's Ultimate Australian Adventure

Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure If you’ve not heard yet, the latest exciting news (especially for Tourism Australia and Qantas!) is that Oprah Winfrey is taking 300 of her ‘ultimate’ fans to Australia. Wow. Flying in a Qantas plane with John Travolta as the pilot (!) this is going to possibly top one of my trips […]

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Uluru marathon – the ultimate outback Australia run

Image of footprints in the red dust at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia
Want to leave footprints like this? Run Uluru!

Firstly, I have to point out this is not a plea for sponsorship! Much as I do go out for a ‘run’ (jog!) once or twice a week, a marathon runner I am not 🙂 Even Mr Loves Australia who happily sprints off for a 12km run like it’s a stroll in the park hasn’t competed in a Marathon.

BUT if you’re a long distance runner, and are happiest with a 26-mile stretch in front of you, then this has my vote! Here’s more about the Outback Marathon which is taking place this weekend (31st July)…

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Kids to the Great Barrier Reef – taking babies and children to ‘find Nemo’

Image of seaplane flight over Whitsundays and reef from Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia
Baby on seaplane flight over Heart Reef. Start that GBR experience early, I say!

I’ve seen the Great Barrier Reef in lots of different ways – from the air (in a seaplane), from a boat, from an island, on foot (yes!), snorkelling, in a semi-submersible, and of course if I was a little more accomplished I could have also seen it from a dive.

There are lots of ways and places to access the Great Barrier Reef – but here are my tips for getting there with babies and children.

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Reining in the Rainforest – easy ways to experience the Australian rainforest

Image of small person in Daintree Discovery Centre rainforest in Tropical Northern Queensland Australia
Small person in a big rainforest

When you think Rainforest then you might immediately conjure up an image that’s more ‘jungle’ than what’s sometimes the case. Now of course parts of the Rainforest in Australia are in the Tropics in Queensland, and it can definitely get quite hot and steamy in there, but you still don’t need to be an intrepid explorer to enjoy them.

Here’s my mini guide to how you can ‘rein in’ the rainforest – and when I say ‘easy’ ways to explore the rainforest I mean ‘so easy you can take your baby and small children with you easy’…

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I’m baaaaaack. Unfortunately! Here’s my ‘best of’ list of Tropical North Queensland

Image of Lucy snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Australia
Intrepid me snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, from the beach of Green Island

So I’m back. Back from the land Down Under. Returned from Australia fair. No longer chucking shrimps on the barbie and swimming in the stinger net. Sob sob.

First off – yes I realise it’s taken me a few days to write but there’s this thing called jet lag you know… not to mention the unpacking. Why oh why did we take so much stuff? I do know the answer to that actually and it’s called ‘children’ 🙂

So what did I love the most, what did I forget was fab, what did I wish I could do every day…? Let me tell you:

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What do you call a 4-mile beach without a spade on its head?

Image of small person at helm of Sailaway Low Isles cruise, Port Douglas, North Queensland Australia
Small person at helm of Sailaway – Low Isles cruise, Great Barrier Reef

Answer: Port Douglas

An old joke the Douglas (dug-less) one, and probably more funny if you’ve had a nice glass of wine (which I’d had when I wrote that).

I want to do a ‘while I am here’ post about lovely Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland.

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THIS is why I LOVE Australia

Image of bucket of prawns and a glass of fizzy at George's feeding time at On the Inlet restaurant, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
My ideal diet: prawns & bubbles!

I got asked a question this week (thanks Frank!) that I actually get asked all the time… why am I not living in Australia? (given that I am clearly quite taken with the place!). Well the answer is…

… actually there are a few parts to this answer, and in explaining it I’ll showcase exactly why I love Australia.

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Planning a trip to Australia (and some more flight offers – Easter and Christmas 2010)

I’ve updated the ‘Planning Your Trip’ part of the site with my links for flights, round the world stops, holiday ideas, internal flight info and accommodation suggestions.

I’ve also found some cheap flights for Easter and Christmas 2010.

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Love and Australia

Image of Heart Reef in the Whitsundays, seen from our sea plane out of Airlie Beach, Queensland
Heart Reef in the Whitsundays

As my one concession to it being Valentines Day thought I would have a romantic 5 minutes and share places in Australia that I love, are special and hey – one of them is even heart-shaped!

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Insider guide to Sydney, Australia.

Image of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney, NSW
The Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney

Read a really good guide to Sydney over the weekend in the Sunday Times.

Clearly written by a local ‘Sydneysider’ it had some great tips for:

  • beaches
  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • things to see
  • suburbs to explore
  • shopping
  • countryside

Well worth a read if you’re heading to the lovely harbour city any time soon…

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