Uluru marathon – the ultimate outback Australia run

Image of footprints in the red dust at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia
Want to leave footprints like this? Run Uluru!

Firstly, I have to point out this is not a plea for sponsorship! Much as I do go out for a ‘run’ (jog!) once or twice a week, a marathon runner I am not 🙂 Even Mr Loves Australia who happily sprints off for a 12km run like it’s a stroll in the park hasn’t competed in a Marathon.

BUT if you’re a long distance runner, and are happiest with a 26-mile stretch in front of you, then this has my vote! Here’s more about the Outback Marathon which is taking place this weekend (31st July)…

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So you love snow? Where to find the white stuff in Australia

Image of skier jumping off a snowy edge
Skiing the Snowy Mountains [image from]

Now I realise that the first image you’re likely to conjure up of Australia does not include snowy peaked mountains, and at this time of year it will be very unlikely you’ll find any snow at all in Australia, it’s true. That said, it is possible to build a snowman in Australia…

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Golf or Snap? Crocodile sets up home at the 14th hole of Queensland Golf Course!

I read a story today in the London paper about a crocodile that has made a lake on the Willows Golf Course in Townsville his new home! Apparently, the croc is not a “significant threat” to players, but I wouldn’t be taking my time over my swing, that’s for sure!

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On your bike! Exploring Australia on two wheels…

Image of cyclists with Sydney's Harbour Bridge behind
Why not add a cycling tour of Sydney to your holiday itinerary

The Sunday Times had an article today about “The world’s best cycling holidays”, and while I am certainly no Tour de France contender, there were a couple of Aussie city bike tours mentioned in the article that sounded really interesting (and manageable!).

First mentioned was Bonza Bike Tours based in Sydney, who offer all manner of tours in and around the city, taking in the major sights (and some pubs too, on some of the tours!). It looks great fun and is suitable for all ages and abilities, according to the web site (they factor in lots of stops!). Families are welcome.

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A day (off) at the Races.

Image of a racing horse and rider in Australian colours
Melbourne Cup Day is the highlight of the racing calendar in Australia (and for a lot of people a great day off!).

Today was the Melbourne Cup.

This is the Aussie equivalent to the Grand National and Ascot and every other horse race on the calendar put together!

It’s such an important event on the sporting calendar that in the state of Victoria, Melbourne Cup day is actually a public holiday (and has been since 1877!). In fact, they don’t really just stop at the one day, and all of this week is the ‘Melbourne Cup Carnival’.

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