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Quick quick quick, 6 days to buy cheap flights from Cathay

Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge

The lovely people at Cathay Pacific are treating us all to some special flight offers to get to the fabulous land of Australia this year 2010 AND next year 2011.

Starting today (10th September 2010) with booking possible until the end of 15th September 2010 you can get yourself on a lovely airplane to Australia via Hong Kong for less than £700. We like.

The special cheap sale fares to Australia start at just £689 for travel between 01 November – 30 November 2010 and also 26 April – 31 May 2011.

More details here…

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Posh for not a lot. Very cheap business class flights to Australia

Image of Etihad Airways logo
Outstanding business class service for less on Etihad Airways to Sydney and Melbourne

My lovely friends at Bridge & Wickers have just announced a Bank holiday weekend 3-day business class sale on Etihad airlines with business class flights to Australia for only £2399. This is a very very good price! Business class tickets to Australia usually start around the £3k mark so quite a few hundred pounds saved off that with this offer. Not to mention Etihad has an outstanding business class service, and you can choose between Sydney and Melbourne as your Aussie destination.

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Uluru marathon – the ultimate outback Australia run

Image of footprints in the red dust at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia
Want to leave footprints like this? Run Uluru!

Firstly, I have to point out this is not a plea for sponsorship! Much as I do go out for a ‘run’ (jog!) once or twice a week, a marathon runner I am not 🙂 Even Mr Loves Australia who happily sprints off for a 12km run like it’s a stroll in the park hasn’t competed in a Marathon.

BUT if you’re a long distance runner, and are happiest with a 26-mile stretch in front of you, then this has my vote! Here’s more about the Outback Marathon which is taking place this weekend (31st July)…

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Want to go on my holiday? Great places to stay in Tropical North Queensland

Image of Lucy and small person in pool at Sea Temple in Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia
Splashing in the HUGE pool at the Sea Temple in Palm Cove

We stayed in some amazing accommodation while visiting Tropical North Queensland last month. Obviously I do a fair bit (OK tons!) of research before we go, but I also got a lot of help from the fabulous team at Bridge and Wickers. I like booking my holidays to Australia with Bridge and Wickers as it’s pretty much a no-brainer as they have high standards like me 🙂 As you can imagine I am a reasonably (alright, very!) demanding client so anyone with the patience to deal with me must be good.

Actually I do have to add that Bridge & Wickers have in fact just won the ultimate ‘Ozcar‘ from Tourism Australia as the best travel company so you don’t just have to take my word for it!

So here’s where we stayed and a mini review of each place:

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Reining in the Rainforest – easy ways to experience the Australian rainforest

Image of small person in Daintree Discovery Centre rainforest in Tropical Northern Queensland Australia
Small person in a big rainforest

When you think Rainforest then you might immediately conjure up an image that’s more ‘jungle’ than what’s sometimes the case. Now of course parts of the Rainforest in Australia are in the Tropics in Queensland, and it can definitely get quite hot and steamy in there, but you still don’t need to be an intrepid explorer to enjoy them.

Here’s my mini guide to how you can ‘rein in’ the rainforest – and when I say ‘easy’ ways to explore the rainforest I mean ‘so easy you can take your baby and small children with you easy’…

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On a Mission!

Image of Lucy swimming in the pool at Castaways, Mission Beach, Queensland Australia
Lovely beachfront pool at Castaways

Am currently residing in Mission Beach, Queensland and loving it. Am a HUGE fan of Mission beach and this is our third visit here on our many travels Down Under. Mission Beach is actually a number of beaches all in a row (making up around 14kms of the sandy stuff) about 2 hours drive south of Cairns. We are in ‘North Mission’ (as opposed to Wongaling or South Mission).

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What do you call a 4-mile beach without a spade on its head?

Image of small person at helm of Sailaway Low Isles cruise, Port Douglas, North Queensland Australia
Small person at helm of Sailaway – Low Isles cruise, Great Barrier Reef

Answer: Port Douglas

An old joke the Douglas (dug-less) one, and probably more funny if you’ve had a nice glass of wine (which I’d had when I wrote that).

I want to do a ‘while I am here’ post about lovely Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland.

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Planning your Australia Holiday – from the beginning: When to go

Image of Cathay Pacific plane flying us to Australia
Only one month to go…

So we’re booked! One month today we’ll be winging our way to the lovely land of Down Under for our next ‘research trip’.

Now for an old hand like me, planning a holiday to Australia is not all that daunting — BUT do not think that means it’s any less complicated 🙂

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The Grand Prix city of Melbourne – low prix hotels

If, after watching Jenson Button win the Grand Prix in Albert Park in Melbourne at the weekend, you are fancying a visit to the capital of Victoria, I’ve just spotted some amazing hotel deals at very low prices.

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Planning a trip to Australia (and some more flight offers – Easter and Christmas 2010)

I’ve updated the ‘Planning Your Trip’ part of the site with my links for flights, round the world stops, holiday ideas, internal flight info and accommodation suggestions.

I’ve also found some cheap flights for Easter and Christmas 2010.

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