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Back to School time…Or is it? Australia and School holidays

Image of school road crossing sign Australia
It’s worth thinking about when school holidays are and aren’t when you plan and book your holiday to Australia

Because the seasons are back to front in most of Australia then it’s not actually back to school time Down Under. In the the southern half of Australia the seasons are reversed, while the top half of Australia is ‘tropical’ so has ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ instead of more recognisable Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Anyway as I was saying, because the seasons are ‘back to front’ then our summer holidays coming to an end does not mean its back to School for Australian small people. In fact they have all been at school throughout August!

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Little Lifesavers – super cute kids Aussie swimwear (shot ‘on location’)

Image of small person sporting her Girls Lifesaver Swimmer from Between the Flags on Mission Beach, Australia
Small person splashing  ‘Between the Flags’

The iconic yellow and red of the Australian lifesavers on patrolled beaches can’t be missed. And being a big fan of all things Australian I couldn’t resist these super cute little lifesaver swimsuits.

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Uluru marathon – the ultimate outback Australia run

Image of footprints in the red dust at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia
Want to leave footprints like this? Run Uluru!

Firstly, I have to point out this is not a plea for sponsorship! Much as I do go out for a ‘run’ (jog!) once or twice a week, a marathon runner I am not 🙂 Even Mr Loves Australia who happily sprints off for a 12km run like it’s a stroll in the park hasn’t competed in a Marathon.

BUT if you’re a long distance runner, and are happiest with a 26-mile stretch in front of you, then this has my vote! Here’s more about the Outback Marathon which is taking place this weekend (31st July)…

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Want to go on my holiday? Great places to stay in Tropical North Queensland

Image of Lucy and small person in pool at Sea Temple in Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia
Splashing in the HUGE pool at the Sea Temple in Palm Cove

We stayed in some amazing accommodation while visiting Tropical North Queensland last month. Obviously I do a fair bit (OK tons!) of research before we go, but I also got a lot of help from the fabulous team at Bridge and Wickers. I like booking my holidays to Australia with Bridge and Wickers as it’s pretty much a no-brainer as they have high standards like me 🙂 As you can imagine I am a reasonably (alright, very!) demanding client so anyone with the patience to deal with me must be good.

Actually I do have to add that Bridge & Wickers have in fact just won the ultimate ‘Ozcar‘ from Tourism Australia as the best travel company so you don’t just have to take my word for it!

So here’s where we stayed and a mini review of each place:

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Kids to the Great Barrier Reef – taking babies and children to ‘find Nemo’

Image of seaplane flight over Whitsundays and reef from Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia
Baby on seaplane flight over Heart Reef. Start that GBR experience early, I say!

I’ve seen the Great Barrier Reef in lots of different ways – from the air (in a seaplane), from a boat, from an island, on foot (yes!), snorkelling, in a semi-submersible, and of course if I was a little more accomplished I could have also seen it from a dive.

There are lots of ways and places to access the Great Barrier Reef – but here are my tips for getting there with babies and children.

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Reining in the Rainforest – easy ways to experience the Australian rainforest

Image of small person in Daintree Discovery Centre rainforest in Tropical Northern Queensland Australia
Small person in a big rainforest

When you think Rainforest then you might immediately conjure up an image that’s more ‘jungle’ than what’s sometimes the case. Now of course parts of the Rainforest in Australia are in the Tropics in Queensland, and it can definitely get quite hot and steamy in there, but you still don’t need to be an intrepid explorer to enjoy them.

Here’s my mini guide to how you can ‘rein in’ the rainforest – and when I say ‘easy’ ways to explore the rainforest I mean ‘so easy you can take your baby and small children with you easy’…

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THIS is why I LOVE Australia

Image of bucket of prawns and a glass of fizzy at George's feeding time at On the Inlet restaurant, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
My ideal diet: prawns & bubbles!

I got asked a question this week (thanks Frank!) that I actually get asked all the time… why am I not living in Australia? (given that I am clearly quite taken with the place!). Well the answer is…

… actually there are a few parts to this answer, and in explaining it I’ll showcase exactly why I love Australia.

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My new favourite airline to fly to Australia

Image of Cathay Pacific 747 preparing to fly to Hong Kong
Our Cathay Pacific 747 about to depart London

OK, it’s joint first place with Singapore Airlines, but I couldn’t call it! Cathay Pacific were really great to fly with to Australia and the stopover options are really good…

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Just a quick “G’day” from Down Under! Yes I am in Australia. I am ‘loving it’.

Have heaps to tell you soon, but first I need a little bit more sleep (oh, and a cold beer!)…

Quick summary of what’s to come…

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Planning your Australia holiday: Booking flights to Australia with babies and children

If you are traveling with infants, toddlers or children to Australia, chances are your criteria for choosing a flight are going to be a little bit different to, say, a backpacker. But if you are after the cheapest fare you can get, you might want to have a quick think about what that might mean… a longer stopover en route, a less comfortable airline, a lower standard of facilities on board, less choice of flight times…, etc.

Flying as a family to Australia is no mean feat and it’s a very good idea to book your flight wisely!

Here are my tips…

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