Back to School time…Or is it? Australia and School holidays

Image of school road crossing sign Australia
It’s worth thinking about when school holidays are and aren’t when you plan and book your flights & holiday to Australia

Because the seasons are back to front in most of Australia then it’s not actually back to school time Down Under. In the the southern half of Australia the seasons are reversed, while the top half of Australia is ‘tropical’ so has ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ instead of more recognisable Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Anyway as I was saying, because the seasons are ‘back to front’ then our summer holidays coming to an end does not mean its back to School for Australian small people. In fact they have all been at school throughout August!

It’s worth thinking about when school holidays are and aren’t when you plan and book your holiday to Australia if you want to enjoy the benefits of ‘off peak’ travel (more availability of places to stay, and less busy roads and airports). The main ‘summer holiday’ in Australia is in January so expect peak season prices then and very busy roads, airports and holiday spots.

This is why it’s always a really great idea to spend time in Australia before Christmas in December then travel home just before or just after New Year if you’d like to save a few £££. Actually you’d probably save a ton of £££ as the flights can be almost half the price departing in early December, and the accommodation a lot less before the Christmas week and in January. Something to consider.

So when are the kids on holiday in Australia?

Have a look here. I put together this guide every year so you can plan ahead. The dates are usually similar from year to year and you can see here that there is a holiday coming up the last week of September and into October.

And what about travelling in our School holidays to Australia?

Easter is a nice time to travel, and if it’s an early March holiday you should get great weather in most of the southern cities and coast (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney). If it’s a late Easter and heading towards April you might get a few drops of rain… and might want to head up the coast to Northen New South Wales and Queensland. We experienced a heatwave travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne at Easter time in March a couple of years ago, but then got very rained on in Sydney a previous Easter (but then it was sunny all up the coast of Western Australia).

European and UK Summer Holidays in July and August are the perfect time to visit Far North Queensland and the ‘Top End’ (Darwin and surrounds of the Northern Territory), so this is great time to take the kids for an Aussie adventure.

And of course if you’re travelling without children and don’t want to bump into too many – plan your holidays around when they will be tucked up in their classrooms! We can’t promise kid-free Australia (especially not if we’re visiting!) but it will certainly be less crowded with younger Aussies.

2 Responses to “Back to School time…Or is it? Australia and School holidays”

  1. Hey Lucy,
    Great info for visitors to Australia, especially northern hemisphere peeps! I have lived here 20 plus years and I still have it ingrained in me that September is Autumn and not Spring!

    I would have to concur that travelling early in December is a great option as “us” Australians are busy with end of school year stuff, christmas shopping and end of year work functions. So the beaches and attractions are relatively quiet. However, if you come for the shopping (LOL) it WILL be busy in the shopping centres!

    Annie from Gold Coast Australia

  2. Jamsandwich says:

    You may also want to avoid schoolies time of year if you are heading for the sunshine or gold coast areas or Byron Bay. This year its 20 November until 12 December. This is when all the kids who have just finished their year 12 exams head to the beach to party hard. Not a good place for young children.

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