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Baby and Child Meals on board Cathay Pacific flights to Australia

Little people can have special meals which are available for either children or infants on board flights to Australia with Cathay Pacific. If you’d like child or infant meals this must be requested at the time of booking and this is easily done on the booking form on

The baby food supplied on board are commercially prepared branded products eg. Heinz or Cow & Gate (depending on the market-leading brands at the destination where the meals are loaded). They consist of one junior strained meat or vegetable dish (savoury dish), one junior dessert and one baby juice. If you’d prefer you can request a child meal instead of a baby meal for infants if you prefer (which is a good option for 1-2 year old toddlers).

Child meals are prepared by Cathay Pacific caterers at each destination and consist of healthy ingredients that are easily for kids to recognise such as fruit or cheese. Should your child have specific dietary requirements such as gluten free or kosher meal requests, these can also be arranged (but these meals be the same as the adult meal for those categories).

You also need to know that any food you bring on board your Cathay Pacific flight to Australia for your baby or child to eat cannot be re-heated by the crew. You can always get crew to heat up bottles of water (to make up formula) or ready made formula milk for you in a bottle, but for hygiene reasons, crew will not be able to re-heat food that has brought on board by passengers. So it’s a good idea to bring on baby food you know your little one will eat cold (or room temperature) if bringing your own.

Note from Lucy: Also worth knowing is that if you order a child’s meal instead of an adult meal for your small people on Cathay Pacific to Australia they get served first which is handy as a) keeps them amused! And b) means you can eat after you’ve helped them to c) they get toys and fun straws! And for little bubs, we find all the ‘pouches’ (like Ella’s and Plum) of baby food really handy for travelling, but that said we’ve taken on jars too which are easier to ‘serve’ from 🙂