About Lucy

Image of Lucy on Dunsborough Beach WA
Here I am soaking up the sun while paddling at Dunsborough Beach WA, near Margaret River

As co-creator and writer for www.inspiredaustralia.com — a UK-based website dedicated to hand-picked, interesting and affordable places to stay in Australia — I wanted an outlet to share all my experience of, and advice about, holidays and travel to Australia. I’m also always on the lookout for new material for the Hotel Success Handbook so its all in the name of research!

I’m already a source of all things ‘Down Under’ travel-related to friends and family (and their friends and family!), so I thought it must be time to unleash my thoughts and experience about Australian travel to the world. 😉

Having started my love of Australia all by myself, its now shared with Mr Loves Australia and 2 little lovers of Australia too. I like to think I’ve inspired a few families to make the trip Down Under so yes it might be my fault there are babies on your flight…

Hope you find everything useful and helpful — it’s all based on my (almost unhealthy) obsession for travel to Australia, and finding the perfect places to enjoy all of life’s great things there — food, wine (and beer!), scenery, sunshine, beaches, art, adventures, wildlife,… and did I mention food and wine already?


PS. You can find out about all the things I do here and also follow me on Twitter for up to date travel ideas and things I’ve spotted!